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No matter you start your brand or have established one I’m here to keep it strong and consistent.

Graphic Design

The need in graphic design means your message needs to be sent and understood.
I make it right.

Web Design

Together we transform quantity into quality building the website based on data driven approach.


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Borst Automotive

Web Design & Development

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Stanton Orchards


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Prime Leaf

Web Design & Development

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Seattle Startups


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Lunt Solar

Branding & Web Design

Here & Now for You


This is not about style but recognized values, standards of excellence, and the art of getting noticed naturally, without screaming.


I respect our time as the most valuable thing. I do things on time. Even mistakes.



My ingredients to get lucky are power and love to make the job done right and privilege to work with you directly and collaboratively.



Days Project Turnaround


Years of Experience 😉


Over Two Hundred Clients

Pete McNellis, Vice President DailyVest

Nikita worked on several freelance projects for dailyVest, including both graphic and video design. His expansive technological skill-set and creative mentality positions him as an expert graphic designer. On the creative side, he learns and understands his client’s needs and then delivers design that is well conceived and caters to the brand. By staying up to date on graphic design trends, he is able to produce modern, easy to understand graphics. He has consistently exceeded expectations and impressed through his innovative designs and ability to meet deadlines.

Working Together

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